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Eugene Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society

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Encourage the culture and interest of rhododendrons.

Use our meetings for educational opportunities and building friendships.

Grow both species and hybrid rhododendrons in our gardens.

Educate ourselves and the community about the world of rhododendrons.

Nurture the idea of garden design with rhododendrons.

Exhibit our knowledge and the beauty of rhododendrons to the community.

Chapter Officers   

President -  Terry Henderson 2020-2022

Vice-President -  Jack Olson 2020-2022

Secretary - Emily Aune 2021-2023

Treasurer - Nancy Burns 2021-2023

Past-President - Ali Sarlak  2016-2018


Gordon Wylie  2020-2023

Helen Baxter  2021-2024

Grace Fowler-Gore 2021-2024

Tom Beatty 2022-2025

Dana Manion 2020-2023

Standing Committees

Shows - Helen Baxter, Terry Henderson

Nominating - Available

Welfare -  Nancy Greer

Hospitality - Helen Baxter and Nancy Burns, Ted Hewitt

Programs - The Board of Directors

Newsletter Editor - Dana Manion

Newsletter Printing & Mailing - Dana Manion

Webmaster - Ed Gore

The ARS Eugene Chapter Mission Statement.

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