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Welcome to the Eugene Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society

Here you will find information about our chapter, who we are, and what we do.  Of course, there is also plenty of information about Rhododendrons, one of our favorite garden plants.  

Please look around our website where you will find lots of information about our activities, favorite plants, membership opportunities and our meeting location. To find out more, come to one of our meetings and check us out. We are easy to find and would love to meet you!

 What’s New & Happening ______________

Attention! Attention!

The Eugene Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society has a New meeting location and a New meeting date.  

The new location is The Springs at Greer Gardens located at 1282 Goodpasture Island Road, Eugene, OR   Map of facility Here

The new meeting date is now the third Wednesday of the month. (Except as noted in the Calender)  We look forward to seeing you there!

Eugene ARS meeting Wednesday, January 17th at The Springs.

Join us for Dinner at 5:30 PM and/or meeting at 7:00 PM

The speaker will be Maria Stewart of Dover Nursery, exploring one of the wonders of rhododendron foliage. Maria Stewart will explore the wonderful world of indumentum displayed on rhododendron foliage. Species rhododendrons have adorned themselves with attractive indumentum through the ages. Some hybrids have inherited these trichomes , which is the botanical term for these fine hairs. Maria will use photos and commentary to explain how nature has provided protection for rhododendrons that, at the same time, adds to their beauty.

Maria first encountered her love of plants in her grandmother’s flower garden. She has nurtured

students as a teacher in elementary school for 31 years and plants for her entire life. She is co owner of Dover Nursery in Sandy, which grows over 1,000 varieties of rhododendrons to supply

garden centers and landscape companies. She has made numerous contributions to the ARS.

Since she joined the Portland Chapter in 1980, she has held almost every position available,

including two years as President. She has participated in organizing several Western Regional Conferences. She was Co-Chair of the 50th Anniversary Convention in 1995, and is now

planning the 75th Anniversary Convention for 2020.

Message from the President

Hopefully you have finished up the Thanksgiving left overs and are ready to go full speed into the Christmas season. Looking forward to our potluck at the Springs at Greer Gardens in December, always a fun event with great food.

I have noticed that other newsletters have much longer President messages than our chapter, oh well, that’s just the way it is.

I was thinking about people that I have talked to that say they don’t like Rhododendrons. These are the same people that probably say they don’t care for alcohol and have never had a Smith and Kerns drink. I could show these same people a dozen plants that they would not even think were Rhodys and would think they are great. How can you not like R. lutescens, Chiminus, R. racemosum, R. sinogrande, R. roxieanum, Cherries and Merlot, and so forth? These people should open their horizons and look at something other than Nova Zembla

and Cunningham White. It’s our job as ARS members to educate these poor souls!

Terry Henderson

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Don’t miss taking a look at the Calendar page. There have been a few changes.

If this is your first visit to our website, we hope that you will look around. We are a diverse, fun-loving group that loves Rhododendrons and all garden plants. Come to one of our meetings to learn more about us! Find information about our meetings here.  Contact a Board member or the Webmaster.

Pictures from the ARS Eugene Chapter, Spring Rhododendron Show & Awards Banquet 2017